Electromyography (EMG)


EMG Testing:
An Electromyography (EMG) study is a test used to measure the electrical potential generated by your muscles.  This information is obtained by using a thin needle electrode inserted into the muscle.  The electrical signals recorded reveal dysfunction of the motor nerves, disease of the muscle, or problems with transmission of impulses between nerve and muscle.


NCS Testing:

A Nerve Conduction (NCS) study is a test used alone or in conjunction with the EMG to measure the speed and strength of the electrical signals transmitted along the nerves.  This is achieved by placing skin surface electrodes at two separate points along the same nerve and then applying a small electrical stimulus to the nerve.  This study is used to diagnose disorders of the nerve such as nerve entrapment syndromes (i.e. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome), Radiculopathies (i.e. due to spinal disk herniation), and peripheral neuropathy (i.e. diabetic neuropathy).


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